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About Dr. Kellie...

Dr. Kellie KirkseyDr. Kellie began her career path in Holistic Wellness at a young age. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with parents who believed in cultivating conscious community and lived their truth. Through watching her parents engage in community activism, entertain, build businesses, create space in their home to serve and assist others, Dr. Kellie learned that health and happiness was cultivated through time spent with friends, dancing, singing, walks in nature, storytelling, quiet moments, herbal teas, adventures and holding on to the belief that anything was possible with belief and a try!

Dr. Kellie founded Creative Wellness Solutions in 1989 after returning from a year in Caracas, Venezuela as a Rotary Scholar, studying cognitive psychology. It was there she reconnected with the healing power of nature, sound, drumming and movement. Upon her return she began working as a therapist with Cuban Refugees and completed her Master’s degree from The Ohio State University in Spanish and Rehabilitation Counseling. Her passion for teaching and consulting led to her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Psychology and Counselor Education also at The Ohio State University where she met her husband (Cesar Augustin, DDS). Dr. Kellie went on to become a tenured professor of counselor education at Malone University where she began her collaboration with Dr. Gerald Corey both editing and contributing to his books: The Case Approach to Counseling and Psychotherapy and Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy 10th edition.

For those that know Dr. Kellie, they know she is a global traveler, speaker, poet, tree hugger, yoga teacher, holistic psychotherapist, family lover, drummer, dancer, spa promoter, heart centered hypnotherapist, live happily life consultant, essential oil enthusiast, wellness promoter and has presented workshops and wellness circles both nationally and internationally. Dr. Kellie believes in learning healing ways from other cultures and bringing those wise ways to the masses. A few places that have touched her life profoundly have been presentations and community building in Botswana, Johannesburg, Italy, Senegal, Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Canada, Venezuela, Tenerife and most recently she actually took a vacation to Hong Kong and Thailand where she explored ecotherapy and moving meditation.

When Dr. Kellie is not working at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine as a Holistic Psychotherapist and co-facilitator of Trim Life and the Integrative Pain Management Shared Medical Appointment, you will find her spending time with her amazing children, Kelsie, Dominic and Gabrielle or drinking a cup of tea at the spa planning her next adventure.

Join Dr. Kellie Kirksey as Creative Wellness Solutions, LLC seeks to cultivate global peace and harmony with those who visit the site and beyond. You will find opportunities in the Creative Wellness Solutions Community to learn about wellness products and places, receive wellness consultation, earn professional continuing education hours for clinical counselors, and rehabilitation counselors, shop for items that support you on your wellness journey and simply sink into calm and ease with meditations and music.

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